Property Management

You can rest assured we’ll care for your home as if it were our own.
Whatever type of property you own on the Costa del Sol, it’s important to make sure that it’s properly looked after when you’re away.
We are proud of what our company represents, the quality of customer care and the outstanding service we offer homeowners on the Costa del Sol.
Our team of friendly and dedicated professionals include rental specialists, property inspectors, a maintenance and operations, housekeeping, cleaners, marketing and sales personnel.

We have a great team that make regular inspection visits to your property and promptly deal with any issues that may arise, allowing you to enjoy your home.

• Fully staffed office
• Help desk – General enquiries
• Multilingual
• Available 365 days per year
• Short response times
• After hours emergency number

• Weekly or Bi-weekly
• Visual property inspection
• Security check
• Drainage inspections
• General inspections
• Ventilating

• General maintenance
• Lawn services
• Tree surgery
• Border maintenance
• Mosquito control
• Garden redesign & facelift.

• Weekly or Bi-weekly
• Pool cleaning
• Pool surround cleaning
• Jacuzzi maintenance
• Pool heating
• Correct water PH monitoring

• Handyman services
• Air conditioning services
• Boiler maintenance
• Electrical revisions
• Plumbing revisions
• Drainage inspections

• Insurance claims
• Flood damage repairs
• Emergency call outs
• Locksmith services
• Alarm services
• Emergency repairs

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Trouble Free Holidays

Our services are tailored to the individual – to take away the everyday troubles and to suit your specific needs, so you can have quality time with family and friends whilst on holiday.

This could be cleaning before your arrival or on a weekly basis, regularly checking your property to ensure that electricity, water and other utilities are in good working order during your stay. We can supply everything that you need to be organized and enjoy your lifestyle. Our goal is to make sure your stay is as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Arrival clean
• Freshly made beds
• Terrace furniture setup
• A/C temperatures
• Hot water switched on
• Basic food package

• Switch off A/C and heating
• Laundry collection
• Garbage disposal
• Protection of terrace furniture
• Fridge management
• Secure property

• Maid cleaning service
• Laundry service
• Dry cleaning
• Steam cleaning
• Specialist cleaning
• Car cleaning

Property Rentals

You can rely on us to reduce the stress of owning your Costa del Sol property, help you make extra income and allow you to enjoy your property while knowing it is being taken care of.

Whether you want to rent out your property to holidaymakers during certain months of the year, or prefer a more regular income from long-term lets, you can relax the moment you sign up for our Rentals Management service and leave everything to us.

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Our office is opened during normal working hours if there are any questions or advice just call or email .


What is done on a home inspection
  • Sight inspection of the owner’s property
  • Watering of the owners interior plants
  • Opening of doors and windows for general ventilation
  • Physical inspection of the owner’s property’s doors and windows security/locks.
  • Inspection of the owner’s property utilities
  • Flushing of toilets to prevent calcium deposits.
  • Communication to the owner of any visible damage or repairs that need attention
  • Keep terraces tidy
How do I register and pay for this service?

Contact us either by phone or email and one of our experienced sales team will give you all the details and information you need. Once signed up to a Management Package, you will be given a private, password-controlled area on our web site where you can manage your account, access our services, view your reports and make payments.

How do I know what maintenance work needs doing on my property?

In our monthly report to you we will notify you of any faults or damage that may have occurred. Wherever possible we will photograph this so that you can view it on our secure web site. We will give you a price for any remedial work or replacements. If you agree this is acceptable, you can leave the rest with us.

How about arranging a hire car?

If you need a hire car, we can put you in touch with a reliable local company who will deliver the car to your property when you request it. When you leave, simply leave the hire car at the airport for collection.

Do you arrange pick up from the airport?

A chauffeur-driven vehicle can be arranged to drive you from Malaga Airport to your home when you visit.

We often visit our property, why do we need your help?

Water damage, electrical problems, insect infestations etc are an unpleasant surprise – why risk the cost of this damage, which might also devalue your property? When you’re here for a visit do you really want to spend time cleaning and mending instead of relaxing and enjoying yourself?

What happens to my mail that’s sent to my home in Spain?

We will make sure any mail is forwarded to you either by standard post or by courier.

How can I be sure that my credit card payment is secure?

Any information we hold (most importantly any credit card details) is encrypted and protected through our security-controlled web site


Is my property suitable for rental?

 If your property has modern bathrooms, kitchen and fixtures and fittings, good quality furniture, A/C units in each room and has an overall high standard of decoration then we can help you obtain premium rental fees. We will advise you what is best for your property.

How much rental income can I expect?

It will all depend on the location, size and facilities of your property. Our experienced sales team will visit and evaluate your property to help you maximise your rental income. If you would like an estimate on your property please email us with your request.

How should I furnish my property?

Modern and contemporary style gives your property the “Wow” factor, to make sure your property gets rented out faster

What are my obligations when renting my property?
  • Insurance of building and its contents, including theft and third party liability, (please inform your insurance company that you are renting your property)
  • Community/club fees
  • Property and income taxes and local rates
  • Telephone calls and standing charge – calls can be recoverable from security deposit if connected
  • Electricity standing charge and consumption
  • All replacement and repairs if not covered by rental clients security deposit
  • Satellite TV charges
  • Water standing charge and consumption
  • Replacement gas bottles
  • Supply and maintenance of fire safety equipment
What are the fees and commissions?

We have developed different packages for different types of property and owner requirements.  Choosing which package is suitable for you depends on the type of property and the service you require from us, for example whether you want management only or are looking to rent out your property. 

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